Set in 1790’s Venice. Safe from the effects of the Rent in the Sky that tore Italy in half, Venice is now a hot-spot of magical activity. Strange creatures rise from the canals, the decadent nobility have fallen deeply into senseless depravity, and the population of Venice are left to struggle to survive. All vie for power in the street fights that take place in the dark of the night. The Rent in the Sky that has drowned much of Europe but Venice stands tall though it is now nothing more than a twisted and deeply corrupted shadow of its former beauty.


You might remember Carnevale, the miniature skirmish game, from Vesper-on Games. It was a sad day for the gaming community when Vesper-on announced that they must close their doors on April of 2016. Fear not, Carnevale is back! It’s bigger, better and even more twisted than ever before thanks to TTCombat. Carnevale is a fast-paced 32mm skirmish game set in 1790s Venice. You’re rewarded for daring movement and tactical thinking; you’re just as likely to see a Capodecina jumping from rooftop to rooftop before pouncing on an enemy as you are to find an Ugdru-Rashaar stalking the canals looking for hapless victims to drown. Managing your gang throughout a series of narrative campaign games is a must, and taking the right characters for each situation will help you to gain victory.


Most of the miniatures in Carnevale are multi-part resin miniatures. There are some that come in one piece (plus a base), but the majority need assembling in order to cast the evocative and dynamic poses TTCombat have designed. The 2-Player Starter Box however, contains 1-piece miniatures that TTCombat have specially designed to make it easy to play straight out of the box. These will slot right into their bases (and can be glued in for better support) so you can get playing within minutes.


Terrain is a large part of Carnevale’s gameplay; you will just as easily find a Capodecina scaling building and navigating across rooftops as well as any of the Rashaar stalking the depths of the canals. The excellent designers at TTCombat have ensured that there is a variety of buildings and scenery pieces to choose from to really make your game and board unique. Both the resin miniatures and the scenery are all manufactured in-house at TTCombat’s warehouse, because of this you’ll be sure to find that find your TTCombat Venetian buildings will not only be a joy to build and paint, but will fit perfectly on your game board and really help create the depraved world of Carnevale


Carnevale is a dark and twisted game but one we’re confident your customers are going to love it. If the beautiful miniatures aren’t enough to convince you that this game is one to die for, then check out the official MDF scenery by TTCombat. The ‘Streets of Venice’ range have been specifically designed to compliment and work perfectly on any Venetian board.