A game of global warfare using stunningly detailed 1:1200th scale models fighting over Land, Sea and Air.



A fast paced, exciting game of space combat using 1:10,000th scale super detailed models
set in the rich and expansive Firestorm Galaxy.


An exciting game of planetary conquest set in the Firestorm Galaxy with highly detailed
1:182 scale ground combat models.


Halo: Fleet Battles delivers an easy to learn, lore-infused, tactically-rich gaming experience that appeals both to experienced wargamers and fans of the Halo Universe.

Halo: Ground Command features dice-based game mechanics, similar to Halo: Fleet Battles, though troop morale plays a key role. The game was designed to allow players to end a game within ninety minutes, yet players can easily expand the game to last all day. Dropships and drop pods both play an important role in the game.

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