A range of figures which are split between two games. All are incredibly well sculpted and can be used beyond the confines of their own games. They are perfect for roleplaying and can be easily converted to suit many tabletops.

Warthrone is the game of fantasy battles in the World of Saga. In Warthrone armies of miniatures face on the tabletop in a furious and tactical simulation of the military conflicts between the species & nations of Saga.

Arena Deathmatch is a miniatures game where each player creates and commands a band of Avatars of War and face other players in the arena. Your opponent is not the only obstacle to victory, the dangers of the arena are a challenge alone, pits of death, wild beasts, crazed supporters loom over your band. Arena Deathmatch is a game you can play quickly and without requiring a complex  deployment. With the cardmaker you can create your fighters and print their gaming cards in minutes. A small gaming surface (20x20"), and only 4 or 5 miniatures per player is all you need to play Arena Deathmatch. The game length is established by the players beforehand, adapting it to the time available, even if limited.

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