Kingsley Distribution is a leading Wargaming Distributor based in the South West of the UK. We are the best place to get your wargames and specialist stock/ accessories for the tabletop hobby industry.


We now sell at trade wholesale prices to over 250 established local game shops in the UK and many more retailers in Europe and the USA.




We supply a vast number of ranges, big and small, so the choice of goods you have to fill your store with is extensive. Our staff are knowledgable about the industry and are always able to give advice on starting up or expansion. We know what will work for your store.


We pride ourselves on giving an honest, fast and professional service which we believe is the reason behind our rapid expansion.


What we offer you:

  • The best wargames and miniatures available.
  • Ranges with a large customer base and good sales. Continued expansion of our already extensive product portfolio.
  • Smaller emerging ranges which show huge potential!
  • Scenery, paints, brushes, tools, dice, cases, miniatures, games and accessories.
  • Our very own TT Combat brand of goods. 
  • Custom packaging with Dice, Green Stuff and Model Moulding products. Start your own brand!
  • Next day UK delivery via a courier. Your order will get to you quickly and without error. You get what you order!
  • Weekly updates and extremely user friendly spead sheets.


E-mail us today for our trade details! Get your business on track to an even greater level of success!



Contact Us

It is easy to get in touch with us. Call us on 01726 862670 or write to us using the Contact Form.


There are many questions we are asked frequently! Maybe your question is one of them. Please check our FAQs for a quick answer to your question.


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